Department of Chemistry

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The Department of Chemistry, established in 1952, is committed to provide a prestigious and credible platform for research and education both Nationally and Internationally. To pursue this goal, department has skilled and proficient faculty, well-equipped laboratories, libraries (digital and seminar) with thousands of renowned books and periodicals on Chemistry and other infrastructure.

The Department of Chemistry regularly arrange conferences, seminars and workshops throughout each academic year where professors from all around the world address in different fields of chemistry. Research opportunities are available in a wide-range of contemporary fields of chemistry, including textile, computational, polymer, environmental, nanotechnology and agriculture. The department has a number of sophisticated instruments to cater the research requirements and facilitate other universities as well that expose our emphasis on collaboration and connections with colleagues around campus, across the country, and throughout the world.

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1.Dr. Talat TariqAssoc. Prof. (Chairperson)
2.Dr. Iffat MehmoodAssoc. Prof.
3.Dr. Abdul Majeed KhanAssoc. Prof.
4.Dr. Muhammad Ali VersianiAssoc. Prof.
5.Mr. Muhammad LatifAsst. Prof.
6.Mr. Muhammad Samiuddin QadriAsst. Prof.
7.Dr. Farah KishwerAsst. Prof.
8.Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed TahiriAsst. Prof.
9.Dr. Aneela WahabAsst. Prof.
10.Dr. Anila AnwarAsst. Prof.
11.Dr. Syed Tahir AliAsst. Prof.
12.Dr. Rubina PerveenAsst. Prof.
13.Dr. Amina SultanaAsst. Prof.
14.Dr. Kausar YasmeenAsst. Prof.
15.Dr. Rabia FarheenAsst. Prof.
16.Dr. Sajid JahangirAsst. Prof.
17.Dr. Aziz UddinAsst. Prof.
18.Dr. Iffat Abdul TawabAsst. Prof.
19.Dr. Sana MustafaAsst. Prof.
20.Dr. Asra MustafaAsst. Prof.
21.Dr. Urooj HaroonAsst. Prof.
22.Dr. Humera AnwarAsst. Prof.
23.Dr. Sumeera Razi KhanAsst. Prof.
24.Dr. Samina Abdul SattarAsst. Prof.
25.Dr. Atya HassanAsst. Prof.
26.Ms. Nazia FareedLecturer
27.Mr. Obaid KhaliqLecturer
28.Ms. Sobia TahirLecturer
29.Dr. Sobiya PerwaizLecturer
30.Dr. Shazia ShahLecturer
31.Dr. Naseer AkhtarLecturer
32.Dr. Muhammad SultanLecturer
33.Dr. Safi AsimLecturer
34.Dr. Mazhar Ullah LodhiLecturer
35.Ms. Asma DilshadLecturer
36.Dr. ShamaLecturer
37.Mr. Haji MuhammadLecturer
38.Dr. Yasmeen BibiLecturer
39.Mr. S. M. Mansoor KamalLecturer
40.Mr. Muhammad HammadLecturer
41.Dr. Sumaira KhursheedLecturer
42.Ms. Marium NasirLecturer
43.Mr. M. Zeeshan HaiderLecturer
44.Ms. Ishrat JamilLecturer